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What’s wrong with Kids These Days? Not a heck of a lot – “All These Interruptions”, the Vancouver-based quintet’s debut album is an astonishing collection of carefully crafted and sundry indie-rock tunes. Everyone sings and writes in the Kids and tracks range from the angular pop of the synth-fortified opener, “About Every 12 Hours”, which is led by the choirboy clarity of Jason Starnes, to the harmonica-gilded “The Details”, a plaintive, twangy outing showcasing the weary-voiced Marc Morrissette. Other members include Peter Doig, Rob Josehpshon, and Ryder Havdale.

Kids These Days were formed in 2002 when Morrissette recruited some of his buddies to compete in a Vancouver radio station’s battle of the bands. This led to North by North East, Pop Montreal and 3 full tours including CBGB’s and The Knitting Factory (in both New York and Hollywood, CA!). It was evident that Morrissette’s new found band mates were capable of doing far more than merely backing him up, and the group turned into a showcase for all its members songs.

Since the release of “All These Interruptions” last fall by Vancouver indie collective White Whale Records, critics have already been stymied in their efforts to describe Kids these Days. References have been made to Pavement, Radiohead and Broken Social Scene but the Kids aren’t imitating or borrowing. They have created an imaginative collection of original, inventive melodies with a refreshing approach to songwriting.

With “All These Interruptions” building genuine momentum, having cracked the top 50 campus radio charts across the country and garnering serious attention from CBC Radio, ZED and Exclaim!, Kids These Days surprisingly took a year-long hiatus to focus on other projects (which include The Mohawk Lodge, Octoberman, Bells Clanging, and Tailor Island). However, the cobwebs are being brushed off as they are currently back in the rehearsal studio writing songs for their second full-length recording.

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+ “Kids These Days are refreshingly original, boasting inventive melodies and a unique approach to songwriting. What’s best about these local kids is that they’re clearly not trying to be anything but good songwriters” -WESTENDER
+ Kids These Days, which, chock-a-block with talented tunesmiths, operates more like a singer-songwriters’ collective than a typical rock band. The five-piece outfit’s debut CD, All These Interruptions, is a remarkable collection of carefully crafted indie-pop numbers, and it marks Kids These Days as an act to watch. GEORGIA STRAIGHT - best of Vancouver issue
+ Vancouver ‘collective’ responsible for one of the best Canadian releases of this year|






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