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Archive for April, 2010

Grey’s Anatomy, Uncut Magazine, and upcoming shows…

Filed under: News : April 30, 2010

We generally try and avoid posting too much press stuff up here. BUT, we’re really excited about the following couple bits.

Last night Octoberman’s “Trapped In The New Scene” was featured in Grey’s Anatomy (Episode 6- 20)! Marc and Tavo from Octoberman landed in the UK last night. They embark on 5 weeks of shows through western Europe. Friends in Wilderness of Manitoba are providing some backup on a couple shows too.

And, Eamon’s record “13 Songs of Whiskey and Light” received 4 stars from Uncut Magazine. Here’s what they had to say:

Prolific Canadian newcomer emerges from the basement:
The songs on McGrath’s debut were apparently culled from 18 home recorded albums which isn’t bad going for a 21 year old. As all these tracks were recorded between 2006 and 2008 in his basement, the teenage kick in his raw Saturday night energy is even more authentically prodigious. His rasping, Waitsian voice suggests an unlived lifetime spent in low company in smoke-filled bars. Songs such as ‘Last Man Standing’ and’ Darby Crash and Burn Guitars’ have the precocious dynamism of early Ryan Adams.

Eamon and The Mohawk Lodge head to Europe on May 18th for a month of shows, followed by a whole bunch more shows through Canada. Getting excited!

check out the tour pages to see if/when we’re playing in your town:

cheers, the whalers

Peace Maker - Vue Weekly Performance and Article

Filed under: News, Video : April 26, 2010

Eamon’s upcoming record “Peace Maker” is now available for pre-order from the store. Order now and you’ll receive it 2 months before it actually comes out (July 20th)!

Eamon recorded 4 tracks live in the Vue studios:

And, for the other 3 tracks:
And here’s the article:

Eamon McGrath on Welcome To The West

Filed under: News, Video : April 11, 2010

See full Welcome to the West article:

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