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Archive for May, 2008

Culture Reject - what the kids are saying (NEW)…

Filed under: News : May 25, 2008

Culture Reject made the top staff favourite pick for iTunes CAN and is number one on CFBX, 16 on 3wk, and 30 on CBCR3… more to come!
Indie Music Filter | i (heart) music | Wolves, Hawks and Kites | Sell The Lie | The Fire Note | XM Radar: Artist of the Week (NEW) | EYE Weekly | Exclaim! | Wolves, Hawks and Kites (NEW) | Six Eyes |CBCR3 | Quick Crit | Echo Article | The Plugg | Hero Hill | Side One: Track One | Hits In The Car | Chart Attack | Large Hearted Boy | CBC Radio 3 | Tripwire Podcast

And, it’s chartin’ on CFBU, CFRU, CFUR, CHYZ, CJSR, CKMS, CJAM, CAPR

XM Satellite had Culture Reject in to record for XM Live At The Verge.

June 11 - 6am and 6pm east
June 15 - 9am and 9pm east

STREAM the FULL RECORD from the artist page!

love, the Whale


Filed under: News : May 24, 2008

Culture Reject - Culture Reject
Octoberman- Run From Safety
The Mohawk Lodge - Wildfires

We’ll have more records streaming soon!

Shine A Light

Filed under: Shine A Light : May 23, 2008

Category test


Filed under: Octoberman : May 22, 2008

we just finished mixing 8 songs w/ dave draves in ottawa. things are sounding different in a more live/raw/noisy/moody/choppy way. still gonna do some quieter numbers w/ larry crane in portland in july to make it round.

some fun west coast shows coming up and a solo euro tour in august.

lots of changes these days but i hear that shit makes you stronger.


The Mohawk Lodge : CBC Radio 3 - In Session!

Filed under: News : May 21, 2008

CBC Radio 3CBC Radio 3: In Session : The Mohawk Lodge

Click on the Download to iTunes link to get the photos too or just click here and download it now!


Filed under: News : May 8, 2008

White Whale is proud to announce the signing of Toronto-based quartet TUSKS! TUSKS is an ultra (super) group and features members (former and present) of Kepler, Wooden Stars, I am Robot and Proud, Sea Snakes, Snailhouse, Clark/ Metal Kites, Weights and Measures, Hilotrons, and the Ben Gunning Band. Recorded by Jeff McMurrich (Constantines, Hidden Cameras, Bruce Cockburn). Their debut EP is stunning and we’ll be releasing it this fall.

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