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Archive for March, 2008

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Filed under: TheMohawkLodge : March 26, 2008

We did a video for Wear ‘Em Out with Andy Dixon.    That should be up by Apr.1st and we’re excited about it.    Also, we just posted a video of Heart of Lovers from our show at Barfly in Montreal in October.     Benoit Lemire was the man behind it and it’s up at

We’ve also been busy on the next record.   Tentative title is Crimes of Passion.    We started it in the Point Roberts cabin with Jordan Koop.    We’re doing it mostly live off the floor and there are 9 tracks started.   Sounds rad and we think you’re going to dig it.


Filed under: TheMohawkLodge : March 8, 2008

Thanks to everyone who came to our shows in Kelowna, Calgary and Edmonton last weekend.

As usual the trip had the perfect balance of gong show and radness to keep us all on our toes. Kelowna was at the Habitat. We had a great time until our van got towed… mid-show! I was out there talking to the cops with my guitar strapped on. We came back in with our sleeping bags ’cause we had to say goodbye to it till the morning but it all worked out. The good people of Kelowna passed a hat and were very generous in getting us back on the road and gas in the tank. Thanks!

Calgary was awesome. Broken City is a great place to play and Zac and Craig who run it are equally awesome. We played with Hot Little Rocket in Calgary and Edmonton. They’re cool and definitely worth checking out. Ian, head of Flemish Eye Recs, put us up and we were off to Edmonton.

Edmonton was at the Velvet Underground… and freezing! Fun times though until i lost the keys to the van… turns out they were locked in the van, so, we had jimmy our way in. Parker put us up. Awesome times in his garage closed the night.

Next day was a hairy drive through the Rockies in a snow storm. We made it in one piece though!

ryder & the lodge

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