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Archive for May, 2007

Spring Fever

Filed under: TheMohawkLodge : May 22, 2007

There’s lot’s going on out here and most of it’s in prep for the new record. Yes, it’s taken us way too long… but, we think you’re gonna dig it! we should have copies in our hands in 2 weeks. The current release date is July 31st.

We were down at SXSW a couple months ago. That was way too fun! Check out Paul’s photos from the trip. The highlight was probably closing down Les Savy Fav’s show with egg shakers and a chant…”PARTY! LES SAVY FAV!” We had a blast but, if anyone from the Fav’s ever reads this: SORRY! that’s what happens when you invite a band onstage that’s been drinking free Whiskey all afternoon ~ ha!

If you’re looking at this then you’ve prolly found our new website! Thanks to Jack and Tanya at the Wax Museum for all their help! Jeff Lee did the illustrations. They’re bits from the new cover art and we’re really stoked on it.

We’ll be doing a cross-Canada tour the month of October that will find us in New York for CMJ if all goes as planned and after that we’ll be making our way down the west coast. There’ll be a UK tour to follow as well but that’s a ways away!

For those in Vancouver, we’re playing the Main days street fair on the 16th of June and then the 22nd of June at the Railway… that’s actually my b-day too ~ PARTY!


what goes on…

Filed under: Octoberman : May 16, 2007

- the second oct full-length ‘run from safety’ should be released late summer
- cross-canada tour in october w/ the mohawk lodge
- i bought a ukelele

castors occupes

Filed under: News : May 9, 2007

everyone’s been working away in the studio and the next whale watershed should be our biggest best gusher yet. stay tuned for the release schedules for new albums from the mohawk lodge, octoberman, castle project, precious fathers, poorfolk and even some special surprises in between.

in the meantime, check out 2 brand new purty castle project tunes on their myspace page.

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