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Archive for March, 2007

SXSW Photos

Filed under: News : March 25, 2007

paul from the lodge (and the fathers) took some sweet photos down in austin, including some meat shots and pics of lodge members onstage with les savy fav!

Cisco Kid Video

Filed under: News :

check out the brand new octoberman video for the acoustic version of ‘cisco kid’, off the laguardia ep. thanks to taco and lindsay gosling.

Henry Dobbins Video

Filed under: News, PreciousFathers :

josh from the fathers as henry dobbins. hilarious!

cisco kid video

Filed under: Octoberman : March 20, 2007

thanks to my friends taco and lindsay gosling for creating this video for the acoustic version of ‘cisco kid’!

austin limits

Filed under: News :

just got back from SXSW and it was a blast. castle project, the mohawk lodge and octoberman all performed and it was great to see so much inspiring music.

- half of the mohawk lodge joining les savy fav onstage for their last song
- bill callaghan in a church
- casual encounters with such canrock luminaries as paul langlois, amy millan, and david cross (does he count?)
- rob meeting his drumming idol zach from hella
- a kiss on the cheek from kaki king

- marc and graham puking out of several orifices

more pictures and stories to come!

the whale

don’t mess

Filed under: Octoberman : March 19, 2007

graham and i got food poisoning. i guess when you stand in a long line-up for free bbq, it’s wise to not take the last 2 remaining, sketchy slabs of meat. other than that, SXSW was solid times. musical highlight: bill callaghan in a church

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