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Archive for September, 2006

Commodore Show + Live at the Verge

Filed under: News, Octoberman : September 25, 2006

- Marc is doing a solo octoberman set opening for Hawksley Workman tomorrow (Tuesday) @ the Commodore Ballroom. He goes on at 9pm.

- Tune in to XM52 on Tuesday, September 26th @ 12pm EST to hear the rebroadcast of the solo live acoustic Octoberman performance from last March. If you miss it or don’t have satellite, 3 of those songs are included on the Laguardia ep, out next month! Also, it looks like Warner is going to include “Cisco Kid” on their Live At The Verge cd compilation, which features some big names in Canadian music (more details to come).

Can Anyone Read Dutch?

Filed under: News, Octoberman : September 19, 2006

Octoberman’s “These Trails” gets a 4 horsey out of 5 horsey review on


Filed under: News : September 12, 2006

OCT.17th - Euro Releases:
WW006 - Octoberman - These Trails Are Old And New

OCT.24th - US Releases:
WW004- Castle Project - Diaries Of a Broken Heart
WW005- Precious Fathers - Precious Fathers

Poorfolk - One of the 20 Hottest Bands in Ottawa!

Filed under: News, Poorfolk : September 6, 2006

Check out and scroll down to “The 20 Hottest Bands in Ottawa” - Poorfolk made it to number 11! Also on the same page scroll scroll down to the news from September 1 to see a nice little writeup about Poorfolk as well.

Check out for some cool pics taken by Andrew Carver at Poorfolk’s show last Saturday with The Field Register and The SoirĂ©e.

Also, check out click on videos, click on rock and scroll down to watch Poorfolk’s “Worser than Better” video. It’s also being featured this week on Zunior!

As well, tracks and love found on Large Hearted Boy and Dial 613.

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