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Archive for August, 2006


Filed under: News, KidsTheseDays : August 31, 2006

hit up and scroll down to aug 29’s post to see some kind words about kids these days with links to a winter morning’s cbc radio 3 session.

Bombay Calling

Filed under: News : August 30, 2006

bombay callingThe Mohawk Lodge’s Samir Mallal has been getting heaps of praise for his latest NFB documentary, Bombay Calling. For those of you in Vancouver, it’s playing the next 2 nights (Aug.30 & 31st) at the Pacific Cinematheque @ 7:30. The film features a track by Precious Fathers and is being released on DVD later this year.

Bombay Calling dives into a bustling world of late nights, long hours and hard partying to chronicle the rise of a new force in Indian society—the telemarketers. Fast-paced, gritty and fun, the film is a compelling inside look at youth culture in India. The 72-minute documentary features clips from Bollywood and a soundtrack by renowned DJ and composer Ramachandra Borcar (DJ Ram, Ramasutra), with additional music by LCD Soundsystem.

Poorfolk interview on CHUO!

Filed under: News, Poorfolk :

Hey Folks,

Just letting you know that jon from Poorfolk will be interviewed at 5:00pm today on CHUO. The segment will also include an interview with The Field Register, who we will be sharing the stage with on Saturday at Irene’s.

Looking for things to do this weekend - easy - Friday night Dinosaur Jr., Saturday night The Field Register, Poorfolk and The Soirée. Hope they play little furry things!

Upcoming Releases!

Filed under: News : August 24, 2006

OCT.17th - Euro Releases:
WW006 - Octoberman - These Trails Are Old And New

OCT.24th - US Releases:
WW004- Castle Project - Diaries Of a Broken Heart
WW005- Precious Fathers - Precious Fathers

If you live in Europe or the states, please ask your favorite local shop to stock these releases!

Octoberman is currently booking a 2 month tour of Europe this fall and Castle Project is in the midst of booking a N.American tour. check back for dates!

The new year is shaping up to be a grand one. We’ve got new releases by The Mohawk Lodge, Castle Project, Octoberman, Precious Fathers, Poorfolk and more in the works ~ you’re gonna love it!

Big Show Coming up!

Filed under: News, Poorfolk :

Hey y’all,

We’re getting all geared up for a big show on Sept 2 at Irene’s pub here in Ottawa. We’re playing with 2 great bands, The Field Register from Montreal, who are on a great up and coming label, Ships at Night(, and a great Ottawa band called The Soirée ( It’s gonna be a real good time, so come one, come all!


Castle Project at Richards tonight ~ Postponed!

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hey guys, the Castle Project show at Richards tonight w/ Memphis was postponed. Check back for a new date shortly. thanks.

the latest (updated)

Filed under: News, Octoberman : August 10, 2006

‘these trails’ is now available on iTunes in the U.K., U.S. & Canada. 

‘x-pat’ is part of a cd compilation that comes with a new arts/literature magazine in vancouver called ‘one cool word’.  it can be picked up at zulu records as well as on the drive @ people’s co-op & magpie magazine gallery.  other artists on the compilation include Portico, The Winks, Cran, Hinterland, Elias, Carla Gillis and more.

latest reviews/blogs/podcasts: (my yellow country teeth)

Writing Away…

Filed under: News, Poorfolk : August 4, 2006

It’s been far too long since we’ve updated this site, got some things on the go. First off, we finally got back the final copy of the video that our friend John Tate made for “worser than better” - it should be just a matter of time before it’s in rotation at much, so request it when you see it!

We have a show this Sunday night at the Rainbow bistro in Ottawa with a great local band called Kingston Fog ( It’s the long weekend so it’s actually more like a Saturday night and they sell bottles of 50 there!

Scotty and I are finally getting ready to finish off our long lost project called the Abjects, featuring Aiden Campbell on drums and Liam Maloney on bass, a kind of frenzied math rock. Savannah and I are also working on a quieter, acoustic project called “Winchester Warm,” which we will start recording real soon.

And we continue to write away for the new Poorfolk release, stay tuned for more…



Filed under: News, KidsTheseDays :

Kids These Days and Castle Project have a couple songs featured on Kyle XY.

Clearly, Whale is the new Wolf!

Filed under: News : August 3, 2006

Click here to read today’s newsletter on the latest happening’s of all our bands..

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