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Archive for July, 2006


Filed under: News, Octoberman : July 31, 2006

so all the tracking is pretty much done and we’re really excited to mix it next week. on top of the 4 of us, some guest-starring heavy-hitters brought alot to the table… leah (L) abramson sang some shweet harmonies, shaun brodie (ac newman, hidden cameras, and many others) had some deadly trumpet lines, the reverand starnes (bellsclanging) on the hammond, hooper’s wonderful lapsteeling, brian chan’s tear-inducing cello and finally the octoberchoir consisting of bro mike (catinthetree), c.l. (blacksea/panurge), ryder (lodge kids), james and rob (who let the drummer near the microphone?). for the most part, this record is going to be way more layered and energetic than ‘these trails’. thanks to all the players for the time put in and to james for his hours of engineering/co-producing.

Latest News and Friday, Aug.4th!

Filed under: News, PreciousFathers : July 27, 2006

Check out 24 hrs today for a review of the Precious Fathers. Click here to download the .pdf!
The Fathers will be playing Friday, Aug.4th @ the Railway in Vancouver w/ The Mohawk Lodge and Yukon.

Also, check out XM Satellite Radio Channel 52 on Friday, Aug.4th (9pm EST) to hear Castle Project’s exclusive in studio performance and interview for Live at the Verge. It’s an acoustic version of Castle with new songs and more! Also featured will be Elliot Brood. It will be aired again on August 6th (9am EST) and August 8th (Noon EST).
Castle Project play Richards on Richards in Vancouver on Aug.3rd.

recording at Lake Wilcox…!

Filed under: TheMohawkLodge : July 21, 2006

Darryl Neudorf’s studio… stocked with Bass!

Cord Magazine’s NMW Review

Filed under: News, PreciousFathers, Octoberman, Poorfolk : July 5, 2006

CordMag  reviewed the whale’s nmw showcase way back in april.  scroll down to see some kind words and handsome pics of octoberman, precious fathers, and poorfolk. 

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