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Archive for May, 2006

Nothing Disastrous about it!

Filed under: Poorfolk : May 29, 2006

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the show the other night with our new friends The Soft Disaster. If you get a chance you really should check out their new album ‘Roughs/Stalls,’ you will not be disappointed (

Also we’re getting prepped to play with The Mohawk Lodge and David MacLeod on Montreal at the Green Room on June 11 - featuring world renowned DJ Jazzercizer! 

3wk: Win a free Whale CD!

Filed under: News : May 26, 2006

Check out 3wk! it’s a great internet radio station that’s been rocking the Whale. Register on their site for a chance to win a free Castle Project CD and other Whale releases over the next few weeks!

Nerve Magazine Review & Interview

Filed under: Octoberman : May 16, 2006

These Trails Are Old and New
White Whale
Whereas the music of Marc Morrissette’s main (semi-retired?) Vancouver band Kids These Days leans more towards synth-flavoured angular psychedelia and post-punk, his Octoberman songs are gentler, more serene, more dreamy-mellow soundscapes that hearken to the sort of stuff you’d find written by folks like Will Oldham or Sam Beam. Tunes and tales inspired by his lengthy wanderings across Canada and Asia come to heart-warming candlelight with the aid of his subtle yet big-eared musical chums (James Henderson, Graham Christofferson, Rob Josephson, C.L. McLaughlin, Jason Starnes, Brook Houglum, and Brian Chan). “X-Pat” tells the story of those who hike the world over with Canadian flags stitched into their rucksacks, while “Face On My Smile” makes anyone with a heart and spirit both glint out a tear and twitch hesitantly at the lips. One of the more lasting musical efforts released by a Vancouver artist this year so far, and with a second Octoberman album rumoured to be released before year’s end, perhaps there’s something to be said about new power rising from the ashes. And it doesn’t redline the decibel meter, either; fancy that.
- Ferdy Belland

Also, click here to read the interview with Marc. 

Oct’s debut strikes a Nerve

Filed under: News :

Click here for Nerve Magazine’s interview with Marc from Octoberman and here for the glowing review of “These Trails”.   

White Whale NMW Party

Filed under: News : May 5, 2006

WHITE WHALEthanks to everyone who played and who came out to our NMW party! It was a huge success and we had a blast! who knew strip joints could be so rockin’?! there were nearly 400 of you through the door… awesome!

Check out the photo of everyone on the label before the show. Thanks to Paul Goertzen for taking it!

FOW in BC!

Filed under: Poorfolk : May 3, 2006

We just got back from a great little stint in Vancouver where we were playing the New Music West festival. We had a great time and it’s been a little hard settling back into the 9-5 work week. We played a good primer show on Friday night with Courtney Wing and Matt the Electrician, among others. On Saturday we played as part of the White Whale Records showcase at the Penthouse and we’d like to thank our good friend and label overlord Ryder for of his amazing work - keep it up, we wouldn’t be where we are if it wasn’t for you! All the other whale bands were amazing as well, i’ve got a white whale medley in my head at all times.

On Sunday we played a great outdoor show at the Vancouver Art Gallery to highlight the ongoing conflict in the Darfur region of the Sudan. It’s about time the international community did something to help those in the affected region. For more information check out:

 I’d like to thank once again all the fellow whalers - keep up the good work!



The Mohawk Lodge ~ Discorder

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Check out the article on The Mohawk Lodge in Discorder this month… tallest band in Vancouver!

NMW Love

Filed under: News, Octoberman : May 2, 2006  gives some big love to Octoberman and The Mohawk Lodge’s NMW performances!!


Filed under: News, Octoberman, Poorfolk : May 1, 2006

check out this CTV clip of the protests put on yesterday by Students For Darfur across Canada and the U.S.  Poorfolk and Octoberman performed at the Vancouver rally and you can hear some PF at the top of the segment and see a tiny bit of the Oct performance near the end.  we encourage you to write your local MP and let them know that the Canadian gov’t needs to get involved in helping these people out. 

apr 29

Filed under: KidsTheseDays :

kids got together at the end of the whale showcase for nmw to play a few tracks.  we hadn’t played properly together since june 2005. it felt good. kids were never a traditional band - moreseo about friends getting together and making music. placing the music higher than most anything else in our lives. even our health. now that’s love.


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